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Mobilizing Business With WiFi Management

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Adna Technologies designs and implements wi-fi networks that make economic sense for your business.

We only allow proper access, along with required security against unauthorized users. We cut down on the cost of you doing business, and improve your ability to do business fast. We help increase transactions, reduce inventory, ease entry to markets and suppliers, and elevate supply chain management. Your team can work from home or abroad.

There’s nothing remote about this kind of efficiency as it closes the gap between employees and productivity.


Benefits of Small Business IT Support


Adna Technologies logs in users to ramp up mobile productivity and service opportunities that are impossible with wired networks. Your staff carries portable wi-fi handsets to take calls anywhere, anytime. They can also us wi-fi-enabled PDAs and laptops for quick and easy access to real-time information. This also eliminates cellular usage charges.

Cost of Ownership

Adna Technologies accounts for significantly lower installation expenses. Your life-cycle costs of your investment in wireless hardware decreases. You get greater long-term cost benefits in dynamic environments that require frequent moves and changes. We help unlock those financial cuffs and free your business to become more profitable.

Secure Password Solutions

Using the same password multiple times and using easy passwords are two common practices making your entire system vulnerable. Adna Technologies requires passwords are often reset. We use password expiration in applications. We educate on the need for strong passwords.


Adna Technologies quickly and easily installs a wi-fi network system. We remove the need to pull cable through your office walls and ceilings, and there’s no wiring for PCs. There are no more switches, adapters, plugs, pins and connectors, making for a neater environment.

Mobile Devices

Adna Technologies encourages you to treat mobile devices as endpoints of your IT ecosystem. We entitle them to the same levels of protection as your network, servers and desktops. We incorporate solutions, such as encryption and remote wipe capabilities, for mobile devices into your IT security plan.


Adna Technologies configures your wi-fi network to specific applications and installations. They range from peer-to-peer networks, which are suitable for limited users, to full-infrastructure networks for many more users roaming over a broad area. You also get insight from regular summary reports about your network. You can now better understand traffic, clients and application usage.

Some of The WiFi Networks


Converged Wireless

Security Management

Single Solution

Efficient Network Operations

Complete Visibility Into Endpoint Connectivity

Automated Wireless Configuration And Management Functions

Supports An Open Api

Create Multimedia Apps To Exploit Location, Context And Device Info

Comprehensive Network Control

Cost-effective Method For Offloading Mobile Data

100% Cloud Managed

Seamless Firmware And Software Updates

Supports Identity Management

Allots Dynamic Bandwidth Control

Offers Personalized Services

Protects Performance With Forensics And Policy Enforcement

Scale To Manage Unlimited Access Points

Continuous Monitoring And Troubleshooting Of Wireless Network