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The Proactive Approach to IT Services for Small Business

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Small and medium businesses are realizing how much an IT managed service provider benefits their company. You are experts in your field, but we are the experts when it comes to managing your IT. Adna Technologies cares about the success of your small business, and our tools, support and solutions help you save money and increase efficiency.

We want you to focus on running and growing your business, while we focus on keeping your growing business running. With that in mind, our managed IT services for small businesses are flexible and innovatively designed, as well as provided across many industries to help transform and elevate your business.


Benefits of Small Business IT Support

Closing Talent Gaps

Businesses are pressured into bridging the gap between existing skills and needed skills when it comes to IT services and manage service providers. At Adna Technologies, our IT consultants are fully trained, full of technical knowledge, and ready to solve challenges. We expect to exceed your business needs.

Secure Password Solutions

Using the same password multiple times and using easy passwords are two common practices making your entire system vulnerable. Adna Technologies requires passwords are often reset. We use password expiration in applications. We educate on the need for strong passwords.

High Tech, Low Budget

Adna Technologies provides a range of world-class IT management solutions to suit your specific business requirements and budget. We meet the challenge of delivering exactly the business IT services you need. We solve your IT problems in a step-by-step manner at your pace.


The last thing you want is business-critical computing to be interrupted, and the disruption of other systems in the process. We can decrease, even eliminate, downtime for your business. You get speed and reliability for key business systems connectivity with Adna Technologies.

IT Policies and Procedures

There are common IT challenges that too often send a business into a tailspin. It leads to financial losses, customer repercussions, and even legal problems. At Adna Technologies, we respond proactively. We audit your processes and implement security best practices at all vulnerable points. We educate employees and hold them accountable for following policies and procedures.

Mobile Devices

Adna Technologies encourages you to treat mobile devices as endpoints of your IT ecosystem. We entitle them to the same levels of protection as your network, servers and desktops. We incorporate solutions, such as encryption and remote wipe capabilities, for mobile devices into your IT security plan.

IT Resources

Maintaining IT hardware is expensive and time-consuming, especially for businesses already challenged with managing the growing demands of operations. At Adna Technologies, we empower you to embrace virtualization technologies and move to virtual environments. We can handle your business hardware, and do so with a more efficient use of capital and staff.

IT Management

Many businesses grow without a complete vision of their IT management needs. The result is an old and new technology patched together. At Adna Technologies, we streamline your hardware and software, and we develop a clear vision for your business with best technology, allowing you to grow to your full potential.

Some of The Small Business IT Support Services


Help Desk Support

Firewall Installation And Management

Disaster Recovery

Decrease Time On It Issues

Email Encryption

Desktop Management

Enhanced System Security

Disaster Recovery Backup Solutions

Reduce I.T. Costs

Increase Security

Network And Server Management

Cloud Computing

Frequent Reports