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Add a Fractional CIO to Your Team For Near, Mid, & Long-Term IT Planning & Strategy

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An expert strategy is often the difference between getting some benefits from your technology and realizing the full return on your business IT investment. Adna Technologies Virtual CIOs offer you the guidance of an affordable expert who is disciplined in matching business need to technology potential. This includes process standardization, workflow optimization, budget forecasting, training, and more.

Our Virtual CIOs provide the expertise and analysis that turn your technology into a strategic advantage.


Benefits of a Virtual Chief Information Officer


With an Adna Technologies Virtual CIO on your team, you have a guiding eye over your entire IT landscape. That guidance extends beyond simply buying and implementing systems and software. It also ensures that all your technologies are designed and configured to address the unique needs of your business.


Adna Technologies Virtual CIOs perform comprehensive research and analysis that discovers the best equipment and applications for your needs and budget. We provide a detailed plan for each project, and we look beyond the current or even the next project to create long-term strategic roadmaps to guide you through business growth and transition.

Disaster Recovery

Adna Technologies Virtual CIOs design and build an unbreakable wall against disaster, both manmade and natural. We design backup and restore architecture, help determine how best to implement it, and bring it all together to form your disaster recovery strategy.

Some of The Virtual CIO Services


Application Selection

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning

IT Strategy

Network Planning And Integration

Vendor Management

Cloud Strategy

Financial Budgeting, Forecasting And Roi Analysis

License Compliance Tracking And Reporting

Project Management

Create And Maintain A Technology Roadmap

Network Architecture Design

Project Research, RFP Preparation, & Proposal Review