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Full-Featured, cost-effective, and reliable IT solutions and support

Welcome to your new I.T. Team

Adna Technologies helps businesses create more efficient workplaces by providing Service-centric Strategy and Support to eliminate the frustration companies face with technology.

Adna Technologies takes a more innovative approach than other IT services companies to keep your business running and growing. We believe quick fixes to IT problems make for bigger problems later. We not only patch holes in your server, for example, but we also work with you to discover why the hole was there in the first place. Then, we make sure you never see another one. Problem solved.

We look at every IT challenge from every possible angle: technical, economic and strategic. Only then do we present you with a solid, cost-effective IT solution. We do this by making sure we are in sync with your business goals. We also do this by hiring only the best certified consultants, daily refining our systems and procedures, and always working to earn your trust.

Adna delivers these enterprise-level services to small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including education, insurance, non-profit, medical, healthcare, legal, financial, accounting, advertising, media, manufacturing, real estate and engineering.

Our History

Adna Technologies has a long history as an independent IT Support and Managed IT Services company. Family owned and operated since our start in 2003, we began as a consultancy and quickly branched out into LAN, WAN, Security, Windows Servers,  and eventually Cloud.

Adna Technologies was founded with a vision to be an independent advocate to businesses in a fast changing environment. Because of our focus in this small-to-mid market tier, we understand our client’s expectations of stability and up time, and what this means to their businesses.

As a professional Information Technology services company, Adna Technologies has maintained its independence while we enjoy continue to add strong partnerships with industry-leading technology companies.

We provide our clients a range of services from full IT outsourcing solutions to turnkey projects. Our small and medium clients are typically the ones that choose and benefit from full outsourcing. Our larger clients bring us in for specific skills, such as virtual environments implementations and servers deployments, and annual security audits for complicated and well-diverse environments.

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How Business IT Support Should Be

It seems that for years now IT companies and their clients have been working against each other. If something breaks, the IT company fixes it, then sends a big bill. Before now, the only time an IT company made money was when things went wrong, and the extra downtime to the client made the situation worse.

That has changed with Adna Technologies - We have introduced IT Support2.0.

We work with you to make sure that IT system breaks don’t happen. We use a competitive, flat-fee, monthly billing schedule. Our motivation is to keep your network running smoothly, so you can focus on running your business. The better we do our job, the more you get out of your network. Finally, with Adna, you stop paying for downtime. Everyone should be doing this. But they are not. Only Adna.

Look through our managed IT services, cloud computing and service management, and customized IT services to determine how a partnership with Adna Technologies can benefit your business.