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The Proactive Approach to IT Services for Insurance Firms

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Adna Technologies provides a unique approach to insurance. We deliver technology consulting services that let you cost-effectively retain the highest-quality, most technically proficient engineers, developers, project managers and technicians. We create a technology roadmap that supports attaining your firm’s goals.

We provide the expertise to establish and maintain the right mix of hardware, software, networks and data for your business.


Benefits of IT Support for Insurance Agencies

Syncing Assets and Automation

Adna Technologies helps insurance agencies maximize the use of their assets and automation to effectively streamline processes and improve the bottom line. Employees are an agency’s most valuable asset and automation is a close second. We get the two working well together for your agency.

Systems Integration

Adna Technologies knows that insurance firms must move from multiple isolated applications to service-based integration to achieve growth. Your systems, such as billing management, policy management and claims management, must be made extensible to support new applications. Then you can augment existing distribution channels and capture new business; more deeply serve and engage your clients; and develop new products to address market whitespaces. The net effect is more effective client acquisition, retention and profitability.

Operational Efficiency

Adna Technologies realizes that your firm needs business IT systems that are simple, integrated and scalable. Then, you can do more with less for your business, while still supporting your clients’ growth.

Risk & Compliance

Adna Technologies helps you integrate systems that allow your business to navigate through complex, fast-moving and interrelated risks, including compliance challenges. We help you holistically track and monitor risks. You can leverage your tech investment in compliance, creating a strategic organizational advantage. You can stay at the forefront of change, anticipating organizational and client needs, and the impact of new regulations. You can even accurately assess interrelated risks, finding a competitive advantage without draining resources.

Some of The Insurance IT Support


  • Review Agency Processes And Data
  • Generate Awareness About Automation
  • Provide Training Through Project Completion
  • Identify Errors, Trends During Cleanup And Staff Training
  • Create Customized Workflows For Departments, Including Accounting
  • Identify Agency Needs And Concerns
  • Propose Cost-effective Solutions
  • Review Billing And Production Data
  • Empower Agency Managers With Tools To Audit Data