Server Migrations & Deployments

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Server Migrations & Deployments by Adna Technologies

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There comes a time when businesses need to replace old servers with new ones, switch to completely different business IT systems, or move your workloads into The Cloud.

When this switch happens, Adna Technologies safely handles and securely manages your data and documents that are stored on your old systems. We do this without you facing downtime while your information is transferred.

Our migration and deployment process includes installing new hardware, software, configuration and testing to ensure your new systems are perfectly running. While we migrate your information, you can stay focused on your clients and your business.


Benefits of Server Migrations & Deployments by Adna Technologies

Save Time

A complete system deployment and migration is nearly impossible to do yourself and takes a lot of your time. There’s much that goes into transferring your company’s data, documents and information, and you cannot afford to miss running your business. Adna Technologies knows migration and deployment, and we quickly get your systems back up and running.

Data Transfer

When you open an additional office location, are you prepared to migrate all your data? Adna Technologies makes the move easier with our migration and deployment services. Your servers will be up and running when you are ready to open your doors for business.

System Testing

When your company deploys and migrates servers, you are depending on the systems to be completely functional. With migration and deployment services from Adna Technologies, we run tests on your systems to make sure everything is properly working so you can get back to business.

Minimize Downtime

System migration and deployment services should not be a painful process for your business. Adna Technologies helps reduce downtime with our services. You can now focus on closing sales, keeping potential clients, and productively using valuable time for your business.

Server Challenges

Older servers become a challenge for your business. Your network and servers may run slow, they may shut down, and sometimes they may even completely crash. Adna Technologies is there for you when you decide to switch servers, making the process fast and stress free.


When you decide to migrate servers, the process should be quick and flawless. Adna Technologies makes the move easy. We install the hardware and software, configure the system, and run tests to ensure your systems will be running effectively and successfully.

What Server Migrations & Deployments Services does Adna Technologies Provide?

Our most common migration scenarios

Updating Old Hardware

Upgrading to a new Operating System

Move Workload into a Public Cloud

Add Geographic Diversity to your Network

Retire a server after moving to a cloud service

Create a Windows Virtual Desktop Environment for your Remote Workforce

Cloud Service Deployment

Hard Drive in front of server