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VoIP Phone Services by Adna Technologies

Modern Telephony Solutions for Your Business

Adna Technologies brings voice communication and multimedia session costs down by providing enterprise-level VoIP phone service for business and outsourced IT management services at a fraction of the cost of handling it in-house. We also allow you to transfer images, videos and text while speaking and sharing during multimedia sessions. With VoIP, you can also set up full conference calls with multiple people, as opposed to being restricted to just two parties.


Benefits of VoIP Phone Services For Business

Proper Support

Adna Technologies offers tiers of VoIP phone support. They are designed to provide the right level of proactive, preventative and responsive phone system support. These levels range from nonstop preventative maintenance and monitoring to 24×7 remote and onsite IT support.


Adna Technologies monitors and manages every component of a VoIP phone system. We perform 24×7 monitoring of equipment, software and network. We also take on the responsibility of ensuring you reach the highest Quality of Service (QoS) of the switches and managed routers’ voice components.


Taking telephony to the Internet opens up your business to risks. Adna Technologies builds a wall of protection against them. We go through a security audit to ensure your VoIP phone system has all the updated patches, software and hardware necessary for basic security. We maintain continuity of service by handling configuration backups in case disaster strikes. We also constantly track and install the latest updates.

Prevenative Maintenance

Adna Technologies performs routine, regular remote and onsite preventative maintenance. We take inventory of your telecommunications assets to ensure service contracts are current and components are inventoried and tracked.

How do VoIP Phone Services look to my organization?

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  • Online case management
  • Asset management and inventory
  • Major revision upgrades
  • Network performance tuning and optimization
  • Warranty and service contract tracking