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How does Managed IT Services look to my organization?

An Overview of Managed I.T.

Managed I.T. Services is a phrase that you hear thrown around these days, and the meaning isn't always clear. At Adna Technologies, Managed IT Services mean working with a partner outside of your organization, who provides your day-to-day support needs while making sure your technology strategy aligns with your business goals.

Regardless of whether your company is 6 users with laptops tied together in the cloud or hundreds of users connected through a complex network of in-house servers across the country, your team relies on technology that works. Adna's focus is providing your team with the support they need so that technology stops being a barrier to success, and instead becomes a key differentiator against your competition.

Not every business has developed, or even wants to develop, a dedicated IT staff, and many more find that a lack of IT Leadership is a key barrier in the businesses growth That’s where Adna Technologies comes in.


Benefits of Managed IT Services

I.T. Strategy

Adna Technologies defines the right IT strategy for your business. We then design a solid and flexible architecture. We evaluate and implement the products and services that will be components of that architecture. Then, we watch it day and night to make sure it’s always up and running.

Meeting Business Needs

Adna Technologies covers the full spectrum of IT services. We take on some, many or all of the tasks involved with planning, implementing and maintaining your entire IT operation.

Strengthen System Administration

Adna Technologies helps you get all your IT assets under control. We make sure your licenses are up to date, take inventory of all your hardware, and track your warranties to keep them current.

Onsite & Cloud Solutions

Your business needs determine which parts of your infrastructure you keep in house, which you co-locate or host with Adna Technologies, and which provide the best value when delivered using cloud solutions. We provide every element of your IT landscape, including storage, security, applications and traffic management.

Certified Professionals

Adna Technologies engineers, technicians and IT support staff are certified. Our team collaborates with virtually every major manufacturer and vendor. We also practice the best standards and methodologies.

Some of The Managed IT Services


Proactive support

Certified IT professionals

Included Diasater Recovery Solutions

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Comprehensive system reviews, maintenance, and updates

Software support

Included Managed Network Security Appliance

24/7 emergency response

Friendly and helpful support desk staff

Included Enterprise Grade WiFi

Remote system monitoring

Network, server, and workstation maintenance

Customer ticket portal

Industry-leading response times

Flexible scheduling