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The Proactive Approach to IT Services for Small Business

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Ad agencies use high-powered hardware and large, computing-intensive applications for creating and editing huge files. Adna Technologies knows you use fast networks to send and secure those files and connect to repositories for controlled collaboration with advertising and marketing IT services. You also use big data, while running and analyzing complex, multimedia campaigns and mining client information for targeting campaigns.

We install, update and test those applications to make sure everything is properly integrated. We also ensure every desktop, server and network appliance is expertly installed, maintained and repaired. We provide the expertise to establish and maintain the right mix of hardware, software, networks and data.


Benefits of Small Business IT Support

Rigid Guidelines

The volume and variety of data you work with creates significant responsibilities and requirements on your agency. That includes many disciplines, including version management, rules and permission setting, storage and archiving. Adna Technologies can help implement policies and procedures to handle your needs.

Business Continuity

Your business constantly pulses across networks. That network has to be operational and at peak performance. Adna Technologies keeps your business systems in sync and working at their best.

Custom IT Solutions

Adna Technologies knows your technology profile is unique. Your need is not for commodity systems and equipment. Instead, you depend on specialized applications that require equally specialized desktops and servers.


Adna Technologies understands that your operational budget is from where profit is built. The lower your budget, the more revenue you keep. Whether you run IT in-house or through us, we make sure you balance this well to positively impact your bottom line.

Some of The Advertising And Media It Support


Help Desk Support

Firewall Installation And Management

Disaster Recovery

Decrease Time On It Issues

Email Encryption

Desktop Management

Enhanced System Security

Disaster Recovery Backup Solutions

Reduce I.T. Costs

Increase Security

Network And Server Management

Cloud Computing

Frequent Reports

Some of The Advertising And Media It Support



Mac OS





SQL Server

Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Email management


Media 100

Apple Final Cut Pro

Campaign management

Adobe Creative Suite



Visual Studio.NET


Font Management Tools