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Low-Voltage and Fiber Optic Cable Installation

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Structured Cabling by Adna Technologies

A network is only as good as its foundation.

Adna Technologies designs and installs versatile, expandable, integrated and cost-effective systems to fit your company’s growing needs. We provide a solid foundation that supports your business, including flexible structured cabling infrastructures for multiple voice, data, video and multimedia. We create schematics of your current network infrastructure and a proposed solution.

You will quickly realize the benefits that make your business network more safe and secure.

Structured Cabling Installer

Benefits of Structured Cabling For Your Business Network


Adna Technologies replaces multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure, carrying your integrated business data in any format from voice to video. Just connect a PC, telephone or fax by simply plugging in the proper adapter into the socket. Structured system issues are now easier to isolate and fix.

Moves and Changes

Adna Technologies helps you make cost-effective moves and changes in a matter of minutes because your infrastructure is set up for expansion. This built-in flexibility means your business saves time and money, and as your company grows, your network resources are always reliable, fast and less disruptive.

Peace of Mind

Adna Technologies backs every structured cabling solution. Our systems come with a full onsite warranty. Components and performance faults are all covered.


Adna Technologies positions you for what is yet to come. Your structured systems carry high bandwidth, which means you are investing in a solution that supports emerging applications. You are safe in knowing your cabling infrastructure won’t become outdated any time soon.


Adna Technologies thinks it makes sense to capitalize on a single cabling infrastructure. It is more cost effective than investing in two discrete networks, easier to manage, reduces costs, and limits the challenges of managing the IT environment. Your system becomes highly predictable and available. It enhances the longevity of your business infrastructure.

What Structured Cabling Services does Adna Technologies Provide?

Our Most Popular Structured Cabling Options

Network Design And Consulting

Planning, Budgeting And Engineering Review

Database Development For Cable Management

Installation Of Copper And Fiber-optic Cable

Cable Rewiring

Voice And Data Cabling

Data Center Cabling

Installation Of Air-blown Fiber Systems

Installation Of Wiring Racks, Cabinets And Patch Panels

Compliance Testing

Remedial Maintenance

Network And End-user Support

System Administration

Network Rack Installation