Microsoft Office 365 – A No Brainer for Your Business

Posted in on March 25, 2016

Cloud computing is officially a common term. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are looking to cloud because it offers IT cost reduction, flexibility, collaboration, higher productivity and collaboration. With cloud, you have the ability to gain a competitive edge by raking in the benefits of an enterprise-class IT infrastructure and the latest versions of software applications at a low cost.

Streamline Your Business With Office 365

Office 365 is all about communication and collaboration that can happen anywhere at any time. Today, business is not always conducted in an office. Your team is continuously on the go, which means they need to securely access company documents and data to stay productive and on top of business. Office 365 matched with a reliable managed service provider (MSP), simply betters your business.

Keep Costs Low: With Office 365, you only pay for a subscriber fee based on the number of users. That sure beats having to buy the on-premise versions of Exchange, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Lync, along with the servers, and the support people to manage them.

Simplify Maintenance: Office 365 doesn’t require a large IT team on staff.  Partner with an MSP, and we do all the work for you as part of your subscription costs.

Make Updates Easy: Managing all the updates for on-premise versions of Microsoft products is time consuming and decreases your productivity. With Office 365, Microsoft commits to regular automated updates.

Gain Reliability: Office 365 is financially-backed with a 99.9% up-time guarantee. When matched with an MSP, you get 27/4 remote and on-premise support to help work through any issue you may have.

Office 365 + MSP = a Win-Win for Your Business

Choosing Office 365, along with a managed service provider, is a no-brainer decision for businesses who are looking for business agility, efficiency, productivity and a better bottom line. It’s a simple, yet reliable solution that’s easy to manage and maintain. From simple updates to ongoing, continuous support, we handle it all, saving you time and money.

  • Easily add and managed user accounts
  • Implement a new web-based management portal specifically designed for SMBs
  • Connect with everyone in your office with instant messaging
  • Share files and documents anytime, anywhere
  • Stay away from installing on-premise servers
  • Pay no attention to managing software licenses
  • Spend zero time worrying about securing your system

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