How much downtime is too much?

Posted in on August 1, 2016

According to an IHS study, outages cost enterprises $700 billion a year. Though this statistic is alarming, it doesn’t quite hit home for many businesses. But, doing the math for your specific organization and calculating your true cost of downtime is critical to understanding how much you can really afford.

Break Out the Calculators

Determining the cost of downtime is simple. Begin by multiplying your employees’ hourly salary by the number who are unable to work. Then, add the cost of recovery and the cost of managing each unavailable application per hour. Even if you’re a one-person shop, what’s your hourly bill rate? Think about how many hours you can survive without revenue coming in the door.


What you end up with is a number much larger than you expected and sweat buds beginning to form on your forehead. The good news is, the cost of preventing downtime is drastically less expensive than experiencing it.


The Biggest Culprits

Downtime has a way of sneaking up on you and can happen in many different forms. Network interruptions are the biggest contributing factor, with other equipment problems contributing up to 40 percent of all reported downtime. Plus, server provider problems and internal human errors make up nearly 25 percent of downtime.


Prevention is the Key

While it seems like many factors are working against you and your technology, you can dodge the downtime bullet by investing in a managed IT services provider like us to protect your data and support your business-critical applications. Contact us today to get a free assessment and learn more about how we can help you prevent downtime and keep your technology running more efficiently than ever before.

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