3 Reasons the Co-Managed IT Model Might Be the Perfect Fit

Posted in on January 31, 2017

Money—saving it and making it—drives almost every business decision regardless of your organization size. Cutting back on IT makes room in your budget, but ultimately results in more IT issues and subpar performance.

The challenge is finding the right balance of internal and external support. Full-scale in-house IT support is expensive but fully outsourced support isn’t always a viable solution either. If you already have a dedicated IT professional or team, you may be better suited to a co-managed model that closes your technology gaps without busting your budget or breaching your security needs.

Read on for three main advantages to co-managed IT:

  1. Take a Load Off

If you have an internal IT professional or team, their workload becomes increasingly complicated as your business grows and becomes more dynamic. Fixing daily hiccups, updating software, mitigating security threats and optimizing performance consumes time that’s better spent on strategic planning.

Co-managed IT solutions enable you to make better use of your internal resources. Free up your team’s time so they can focus their energy researching and implementing new hardware and software that aligns with your business goals and growth.


  1. Fill in the Gaps

When your business grows faster than your IT team, it leads to an increasing number of technology issues every time you hire a new employee or roll out a new service. As you grow, routine tasks tend to shift to the back burner—but someone has to manage the everyday aspects of your infrastructure to minimize risk to your mission-critical systems. Perhaps growth isn’t the issue—maybe you want to implement technology that your IT staff lacks experience with, or time to manage.

The co-management model enables you to fill in the IT gaps to support your unique needs. An MSP can help manage your IT environment or simply act as an advisor—you determine your service level.

  1. Keep Moving

Your IT expert or team needs vacation time and, let’s face it, they’re going to get sick. Even when you have a full house, you may have everyone working on a major project and need backup support for routine maintenance and issue tracking.

When you select a co-management option, your systems are monitored and managed 24/7/365, so you’re covered if you’re ever short-staffed or caught in a crisis.

The Takeaway …

If you want or need more control, already have in-house IT, or simply don’t need all the services of a full-blown MSP agreement, co-management is an alternative that can give you just the right amount of support you need without blowing your budget. Want to know more? Let’s chat.

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